I was born in May 1998. I don’t know who my mommy was or how I got separated from her. When I was ten days old, someone threw me to a bunch of big dogs. I was scared, I cried. The dog’s owners heard me crying an found me. They couldn’t keep me, they didn’t have the time. So they called someone they knew would love me. She said she would take care of me, so they brought me to her in a box. She was very surprised when she saw how tiny I was. My eyes weren’t completely open, I didn’t have much hair, and I couldn’t walk. I was hungry and every time she picked me up I sucked on her fingers. I was looking for my mommy, and that made her cry. It was Friday night, and all the stores were closed. She couldn’t get me kitten milk or bottles so she had to feed me cow’s milk with an eyedropper. She put me in a bathroom so no one would step on me. She called a vet and asked if I would live. The vet told her “ You can try.” I was covered in fleas, so she spent an hour combing my hair. The next day she got me kitten milk replacement and a little bottle just my size.. She had to feed me every three hours, day and night. Pretty soon things started to look better. My eyes opened and I started walking. She had just read Les Miserables and I reminded her of the Little girl, so she named me “Cosette”. My new mommy kept me in the bathroom for about a month.I was very tiny and she had 3 dogs and another big cat so she did not let me go around the house unless she was there to watch me. One day she didn’t close the bathroom door tightly enough before she left. When she came home, I was climbing one of the curtains. I heard the bedroom door open and it scared me I was hanging by one paw from the curtain. I said”YEEEEOOOOOWWW!” and ran back to the bathroom, jumped back in my basket and tried to look as innocent as I could. I was scared she’d be mad, but she just laughed. The day finally came when I was big enough to be with the rest of the animals. My new mommy let me out of the bathroom. That’s when I met Lestat. Mommy was worried he wouldn’t like me because he is a boy cat and she had heard that boy cats don’t like kittens. She shouldn’t have worried. He cleaned me and taught me all kinds of stuff, just like I was his kitten. He taught me to stop running around and lay around all day. he also taught me other neat stuff, like how to stick my head in the cat food bag and get all I want to eat and how to knock bread off the top of the refrigerator so the dogs can eat it. He is my best friend. I am happy I have my family. I wish every kitty could be as happy as I am.

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