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Birthdays This Month

None yet!

Birthday party announcements

Lestat, Madelynne, Chappy, Hellion and Futzel are having a birthday party at Cosette's Lair beginning August first. If you would like to attend, please send a picture of yourself to Dogs and cats only!



Zoie-January 10

Cleo-January 15

Cosette's Human sister and Cleo's mom Marian-January 21


Sagittarius- February 2

Sampson- February 14


Bubbi- March 14


Daisy- April 6


Cosette's Human sister Nefreteri- May 20

Cutter- May 24

Cosette- May 26


Maggie-June 15



Chappy- August 5

Hellion- August 5

Futzel- August 5

Lestat- August 5

Madelynne- August 21



Booger-October 12


Cosette's Meowmy Erika- November 23


Cosette's Daddy, George-December 28

This birthday calendar is for pets and their human families. If you are human, your pet must be participating in the birthday calendar for yours to be included also. If the pet is a rescue, use the pets' adoption date (or estimated adoption date if you cannot remember the exact date) The email address you provide will be linked at the beginning of the birthday month, so you may want to use a spare. You can get one Here You will recieve a card and graphic gift from Cosette's Lair. You may also recieve gifts from other people as well. Cosette's Lair is NOT responsible for the contents of these messages. To participate, please email Include your pet's name, email address, date of adoption or birth. If your pets' name is listed here, you can also include your birthday if you wish to recieve ecards and graphic gifts. I will also post brithday party page announcements if you request it and your pet is listed here.

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