My sister Cleopatra is five years old. Everyone calls her Cleo for short. She is half collie, we are not sure about the rest. She was Marian’s 3rd birthday present. Mommy got her from the pound when she was 5 months old. The same guy that saved Madelynne also saved Cleo. She was supposed to be put to sleep that morning but he saved her and her sister because he though they might have a chance at being adopted. My mommy went to the pound later that day and saw Cleo and her sister. Mommy wanted both but she could only afford one, so she took Cleo. mommy doesn’t know what happened to Cleo’s sister and it makes her sad. Cleo and her sister had been abandoned by their owner just like I was. Cleo was very sad and withdrawn when mommy first brought her home. It took her awhile to get used to mommy and everyone else. Now she loves us all. If one of us has to go to the vet, she will whine and get sad until we come home. Sometimes she plays hard to get with the humans. She will sulk in a corner and ignore them until they come to her and get her attention. She is funny when she does that.

More about Cleo

Name: Cleopatra, Cleo for Short

Age: 5, almost 6

Owner: Marian. Marian is constantly reminding Mommy that she is Mommy to Cleo and that Mommy is actually grandma. So I guess I am her aunt??? Oh well I still call her my sister.

Rank: House fraidy cat. Recently, Mommy took Cleo for a walk before a storm. It thundered and the thunder scared her. she ran back in the house, crawled under mommy's desk and hid behind Madelynne. Keep in mind that Cleo weighs 40 LBS and Madelynne only weighs five.

Stuff Cleo likes: Everyone. She also likes having her hair brushed, walks, playing with her ball.

Stuff Cleo does not like: baths, thunderstorms.

Favorite Hangouts: Under the table, by the door.

Cleo's Awards

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