Some of these Guidelines were given to me by the Humane society a few years ago, some are my own. I have never been able to bring myself to actually find a home for an animal, I do not trust anyone to take proper care of them, but if you must here are a few guidelines you should follow.

Get all the information on the person you can. Get their phone number, address, where they work. Visit their home if possible. Make certain the home is clean, and that they have a fenced yard if the animal is a dog.

If they own pets, or have owned them, get the name of their vet. Call the vet, and get the following information. Do they bring their pets in for regular checkups? Do they keep their pets’ vaccinations up to date? Did they seek the proper treatment if their pet was ill? Have they ever had an animal euthanized because of misbehavior or because they did not want to pay for treatment? Are their pets spayed or neutered. They will need to call their vet or perhaps sign forms releasing this information to you. If they refuse to do this, do not allow them to adopt the pet.

Never give a pet away for free. Always make them pay something. A person is more likely to take care of a pet they paid for than one they got for free. if the pet needs to be spayed or neutered, they may be able to prepay this expense with a vet or purchase a certificate at a local animal shelter. Or they could reimburse you for vaccinations. make sure that you have some proof of payment before you give them the animal. If they are not willing to pay anything, do not allow then to adopt. If they aren’t willing to pay anything for the pet, it is unlikely that they will be willing to pay vet bills, etc. if the need ever arises.

Do not adopt to someone that will only accept a kitten or puppy. the majority of the animals in my area that are abandoned or in shelters are around 6 months to one years. this is because many people adopt a puppy or kitten because it is “cute”. then it grows up, is not so cute anymore(in their opinion) they decide it is too much trouble and then get rid of it.

Ask if they have kids. Many people will ask if the pet is good with kids. in my opinion, You should ask if the kids are good with pets. I have seen many people have their animal euthanized because it bit or scratched their child. Often, it is the child that is the problem. It is only a natural reaction for a dog or cat to defend itself if is being choked or having its ears or tail pulled. If it were me, I would not allow a family that had children to adopt a pet, just to be on the safe side. Use your own judgment.

Do not allow someone that wants to “use” the animal for something. Pets should be companions, not watchdogs. vermin control, a fashion accessory or something to “teach a child responsibility”. Always state that you will take the pet back if it doesn’t work out. better for you to take it back and have to find another home for it than for it to be dumped at an animal shelter and euthanized.

These guidelines are intended mainly for people that have found a stray than cannot keep, etc. I do not advocate giving away a pet simply because you are bored of it. Animals are not toys or accessories, they are living beings, and they deserve respect and care. If you are moving somewhere that does not allow pets, consider this: if you had a child, would you put your child up for adoption to move to a place that did not allow children? I hope not.

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