We are trick or treating this year! Are mew brave enough to come with us?
There is just one purroblem. There are ghosts efurrywhere and they are scaring Sagittarius! Can mew help him? Find all the ghosts (mew might wanna get a pen and paper fur this), send my meowmy an Email tell us how many ghosts there are and where you found them and Sagittarius will send mew a special ghost hunter award. Only the ghosts in the trick or treat picture scenes count, not the background or buttons
Or, mew can just come trick or treating wif us and not worry about the ghosts. Click on the ghost to enter. And purrlease don't furget to sign the guestbook

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Who has found all the ghosts so far

Sir Chancy
Critter & Mr. Nelson
Maddison & Bandit Jacqlee The Cat Lady