These are sad stories, mostly about Mommy learning from her mistakes. Rembrandt and Tuesday left us way too soon. If you don't like to read sad stories, you might not want to look at the page.


Tuesday was a 5 month old calico. Mommy adopted her together with Lestat. My Daddy let Tuesday out to play one day and the very first time, she was killed by a neighbor’s dog. The family only had Tuesday for a short time, 2 weeks, but we will never forget her. From then on, Mommy doesn’t let her cats outside ever.


Nefi was a little gold Tabby. She was truly unique cat because she loved the water. She would stick her head under the faucet when the water was on so she could drink. And she liked baths! Nefi was a stray when Mommy adopted her. A man down the road from our house was going to shoot her! Mommy got there just in time. Mommy tried to find her owner, and never did so Mommy thinks she was probably one of the many unwanted pets that are abandoned in our area. So Mommy adopted her. Mommy had her for about a year before she died suddenly. Mommy has no idea why she died.


This is the most difficult for Mommy to tell. Rembrandt was a black standard poodle. Mommy drove all the way to Houston to adopt him. He was a year and a half old when she adopted him. His owner was moving to another state and couldn’t take him. Rembrandt was an outstanding dog. Mommy could say “Rembrandt, give me a hug!” and he would run over to her and out his paws on her shoulders. Mommy had him for two and a half years. One night, Rembrandt was outside. Mommy called to him. He walked a few steps toward her and then sat down. Mommy thought this was unusual but since he had been fine all day, she didn't think there was anything seriously wrong. She tried to feed him but he wasn’t interested. mommy thought maybe he had an upset tummy. Mommy decided she would take him to the vet the next morning if he was still acting funny. When she woke up, he was dead. My Mommy has never in her life fainted but she fell flat on her face that day. Mommy found out from the vet that Rembrandt had been given antifreeze. Mommy wishes so much now that she had never let Rembrandt out by himself. mommy called her local Humane society and was told that they did not have the funds for an animal cruelty officer. Law enforcement did nothing, despite the fact that the vet herself called. This case was never investigated, nothing was ever done to find out who did this to this beautiful dog.

The house was so empty without Rembrandt. It was so hard for mommy, she was so used to having him by her. she cried every night for 8 months after he died, sat down on the couch and bawled her eyes out. She still cries sometimes, especially when she dreams he is still alive and she wakes up and he's not. And she hates herself for ever letting something happen to him. No matter what anyone says, my mommy will always feel responsible, because she think if only she had gone with him that night, he'd still be here.

Cleo was more upset than anyone when Rembrandt died. she moped around for days, she didn't eat much. Mommy put his collar and tags on her, she hoped that would make her feel better.

Mommy no longer lets any of us outside by ourselves. not even to go to the bathroom. If the dogs need to go, she goes with them. Please keep your pets inside and safe! There are some very cruel people in the world.

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