Madelynne is seven years old. She is the oldest. She is half pekingnese, half poodle. My mommy got her from the pound when she was 8 months old. She had two sisters in there, but my mommy could only take one so she took Madelynne. Madelynne and her sisters were in the pound because a mean lady that bred them found out she couldn't sell them without a license. So she dumped them at the pound to be put to sleep! Madelynne would have been put to sleep if it hadnít been for a nice guy at the animal shelter. He was only supposed to keep her for 10 days but he thought she was cute so he kept her for 30 days. Mommy fell in love with Madelynne as soon as she saw her. The other dogs jumped at the doors of the cages to get attention but Madelynne just stood in the back and peeked at mommy out of the corner of her eye. when mommy looked at her she would pretnd like she wasn't paying any attention. As soon as mommy looked away she would started peeking at her again. Madelynne loves mommy, she follows her everywhere. If anyone gets near mommy, she jumps in between mommy and them. She also loves the kids. When mommy had a baby she was tired. She had a hard time waking up when the baby cried. So madelynne would run to the edge of the bed and pull on mommyís blanket until she woke up. We almost lost Madelynne when I was a kitten. Mommy didnít know that the worm medication she had been giving Madelynne wasnít effective. She got badly infested with hookworms. She stopped eating and walking. Mommy took her to the vet and found out she had worms and an intestinal infection. Mommy stayed awake for three days giving her medicine and antibiotics. It took her awhile, but she got better.

Name: Madelynne:

Age: 7

Rank: Supreme Ruler of the house!

Size: About 5 LBS

What Madelynne Likes :Mommy, Chicken flavored food, cats, her little sweatshirts (she doesnít mind wearing clothes!)

Stuff Madelynne doesnít like: Haircuts, people besides mommy, other dogs.

Favorite hangouts: Mommyís lap, anywhere mommy is. She has a couple of beds but she likes to follow mommy around so if Mommy is not near one of her beds she will solve the problem by getting mommyís clothes and making her own wherever mommy is. She is very attached to Mommy. If mommy leaves she will stare at the door until mommy comes back. The vet canít even keep her, she refuses to eat unless mommy is there. But she canít stand other people and she is not terribly fond of dogs. mommy has to be careful she doesnít beat up the other dogs even though they are much bigger than her!

Just one last thing: Madelynne is a canine, not a cat. (mommy and madelynne don't much care for the D word) It's very irritating to them when people mistake her for a cat!

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