About Me

My name is Marian Riki Dawn Davis. Marian after my great grandmother, Riki after my mother because its short for Erika and Dawn because thatís my momís middle name. Mommy calls me Riki, everyone calls me Riki except for Daddy, he calls me Marian. I get mad when anyone else calls me Marian. I am 8 years old. I am in the fourth grade. I am homeschooled. I like to watch TV I also like to play in the water. I like to go to Adventure Island and Busch Gardens.

This is my sister. Her name is Nefreteri Alhana Bithia Emaleth Davis. She was named after a queen of egypt and some other stuff, youíd have to ask my mom. She is 4 years old. Sheís my alarm clock. Everyday she wakes me up to play powerpuff girls. Mommy says itís paybacks for when she was a baby and I used to wake her up. I didnít mean to, I just had never seen anyone sleep that long before. she was kind of like that guy Rip Van winkle. My Mom says thatís what babies do, but how was I supposed to know that?

This is my dog, her name is Cleopatra, I call her Cleo. She was my third birthday present. I like to brush her hair and she likes to be brushed.

Here is a story I wrote

The Cat Who Had Very Very Long Fur

Once Upon a time there was a cat that had very long fur. She loved her fur, but she had a very big problem. She could not walk without tripping. she could not run without tripping. So a problem solver solved her problem. He said ďDo not move.Ē So she did not move all day and night. She got bored. so she moved and she fell. Then the problem solver told her to go get a hair cut. So she went to a barber shop and he cut and cut. And then she could move without tripping. and so she was happy. The End.

My favorite show

I like the Mighty Ducks. They are cool.. They have to save the world. Their names are Duke, Grin, Nosedive, Mallory and Tonya. They come from a planet called puck world.

This is something I made for my family in paintbrush.

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