My Mommy wants you to know about a problem Lestat has. My Mommy is not a vetrinarian and she is not attempting to give vertrinary advice. She wanted to share a little information with you to make it easier for you to recognize this life threatening problem.

I am sure you have heard about how important a catís urinary pH is on cat food commercials, etc. Some people donít realize how serious this is. I used to feed Lestat the least expensive cat food I could find. I also didnít monitor the dog food and he occasionally would get into it also. One day, I noticed that he hadnít used his litter box at all. He was also very listless. I took him to the vet and found out that he had developed a problem that caused crystals to form in his bladder. He was completely blocked. He had to stay for 4 days. He required a catheter and strong antibiotics. the bill was well over $400. Well worth it of course, but the problem might have been prevented if I had fed him a higher quality food and been more careful about the dog food. I have to be very cautious what I feed him now. This problem is caused when a catís urinary pH is too high. It can be caused by food, but it can also be caused by bladder infections. It is more dangerous in males than females because the female has a wider urethra and does not get blocked as easily. Here are some signs that your cat may have this problem:

Lack of Urine in the litter box or a smaller than usual amount in the litter box. The cat goes to the box frequently, but there is an abnormally small amount of urine in the litter. The cat may also drip urine around the house.

Blood in the urine. This is also indicative of infection which can lead to crystals.

Sensitivity in the area of the bladder or abnormally large bladder If male, the catís penis appears to be inflamed . It may also have small crystals similar in appearance to tiny pieces of ice or sugar.

If your cat has any of these symptoms, get them to a vet immediately. It is treatable but the sooner you get your cat to the vet, the better. The more blocked the cat is, the harder it is for the vet to treat it.

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