It is your responsibilty to familiarize yourself with these rules before you enter the contest. If there is something you don't understand, Email Me.

I am always accepting entries. Please do not hesitate to email me your photo. Your photo need not be of professional quality, as long as your pet is visible in the photo, it will be accepted.

How to enter

Email me with your pet’s picture, your pet’s name and your email address. Dogs and Cats only. Send the picture as an attachment. Pictures must be gif, jpg or bmp only, any other form will be discarded without being opened. Pictures should be large enough to be viewable, but please keep your file sizes reasonable, don’t send me a file that’s over 300 kb.
I will send you a button for your webpage if you have one so that people that visit your site will know to come vote for your pet. If you would like a button personalized with your pet’s picture, please tell me, and let me know what you would like it to say.
You should receive your information and dates within a couple of days, if you do not, please email me to ask whether or not I received your entry before resending it. It is possible I did not receive your entry, it is also possible that I sent your information and you didn’t receive it, so please ask first.
In sending me your photo, you are giving it to me to use as I see fit on my pages. Pictures will be resize and framed.
Please keep your email address current. If your email changes before or during your contest, please email me and let me know. I must have your current email address in order to send your awards.


You are allowed to vote one time per day per email address in each contest. You are allowed to vote from more than one address. This means you are allowed to vote once in the first dog contest, once in the second dog contest and once in the cat contest from each email address that you have. You are also allowed to vote once per day in the website contest. You must actually send from the email address, I will not accept changing your “reply to” address. If I update the results more than once a day, this does NOT mean you are allowed to vote again that day. If I do not update once a day for some reason, you can still vote as long as you are voting only one time per day per email address.

Contest Schedules

The Dog contests last approximately 2 weeks. They last from the 1-14 of each month, and then the 15-30. Starting in October, the cat contest will follow the same schedule. The contests run on EST


The prize for this contest is a graphic that can either be printed our or used on your webpage. You will also receive the picture that goes on the winners’ page. I give awards to first, second and third place winners, as well as an award to each pet that enters the contest just for entering. The framed picture of your pet that was used in the contest will also be sent to you if you request it
I am no longer linking back to pet’s pages for the contest. instead, I will link back if the awards are linked back.

Things that are not allowed

Negative comments about the contest, other pets in the contest, me, or my pets. Harassment of other participants in the contest, this includes but it is not limited to signing their guestbooks with rude comments, sending them rude emails, accusing them of cheating. If I find out that someone is saying my contest is “fixed” I will remove them without a warning. I have no reason to “fix” any contest, the prize for this contest is just a graphic. If you think it is “fixed” then don’t participate.
Chronic attempts to cheat is cause for your email address to be blocked from voting. This includes repeatedly attempting to vote more than once a day from the same address or attempting to disguise your email address by changing the name on your email account. I have also had a few people slightly alter the subject line . this does not work either, what’s more, it makes it quite obvious that they are trying to cheat. I do not inform people when their email address has been blocked. Please do not misunderstand, no one has ever been blocked for accidentally voting more than once from the same address, or making an honest mistake. Accidents happen. This is intended for people that are obviously and intentionally trying to cheat.

Voting Problems

If, for some reason, you think I am not getting your votes, such as they are bouncing, or there are not as many votes as there should be, you need to to email me right away. You will need to provide some proof, either a copy of the bounced votes or a list of the email addresses so I can see which ones I am receiving and which ones I am not. Do not attempt to send me a list of bogus email addresses. If you friends are having problems voting, they will need to email me and tell me themselves.

I reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime for any reason from my contests. Please bear in mind that this is not a business, it is a private webpage created by an individual. I do not have to tolerate rude, insulting or immature behavior and I won’t. Repeated, continued harassment is cause for me calling your isp. It is unfortunate that I have to put such harsh words in the rule for what is meant to be a fun contest, but a past problem has made it necessary.

I hope you enjoy participating in Cosette’s Lair Pet Contests! In my opinion, if you love your pet, then he/she is already a winner!

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