Mommy got Sagittarius when he was 3 months old. She got him from an animal shelter. Mommy had lost her other dog Rembrandt and she wanted another dog. The shelter didnít have any small dogs, so they put Mommy on a waiting list. Less than a week later they called Mommy and told her they had a dog for her. Mommy went to the shelter and got him. They told Mommy they had found him on the street wandering around without a tag. They tried to find his owner but couldnít. So Mommy adopted him. All the way home from the shelter, he sat on Mommyís lap and licked her face. When they got home, he played with the kids and licked their faces. He like to play with me and Lestat. he is two years old now. He is half Tibetan Spaniel, we donít know what the other half is, and we really donít care. We are just happy to have him.

More about Sagittarius

Age: 2

Rank: Madelynne's humble servant, when she says woof, I say how loud

Favorite things: Popcorn, sandwich crusts, popcorn, tummy rubs, popcorn, getting my hair brushed, and did I mention popcorn?

Favorite hangouts: Under Mom's chair, under Mom's feet, the couch.

Stuff I don't like: Strange people in the house, baths.

How I got my Name: Mommy is a Sagittarius, Mommy gets along best with other Sagittarius so she thought naming me that would bring good luck. She originally planned to name me Noggy after a character from her favorite film Cemetary man but Daddy hated the movie so much he put up a fuss about it

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Sagittarius is in our furriend Moke's magic act! Stop by and see him!