If you would like to join, please Email My mommy. Send a photo of your pet with their name. also, coming in the next week we are going to have a birthday calendar! Since those of us that have stray and shelter pets often do not know their birthdays, I have decided to use adoption days instead. If you would like to participate in the club birthday calendar, please send me this date along with your photo and an email address where your pet can recieve cards and graphic gifts on their special day. If you want you pet's photo linked on the club pages, please send a link to your webpage with your submisson. We will link back to your webpage if you link to ours. This is not required, you do not have to have a webpage or link back if you have one but if you want a link, we expect one in return. Meowmy will send you a membership button for this. She will also send you the framed picture of your pet that will go on the page. Let's show the world how great rescued pets really are! Shelter pets and strays only, or pets that were rescued from bad situations. You also qualify for our Awards if you want one, please apply.

This is a fun contest for mix breeds. Be sure and check it out. Madelynne and Sagittarius have participated in the past and it was fun reading all of the guesses, and fun having a guess at the other pets.

Guess That Breed