Voting for the website contest will begin June 11.

To enter your site, please take the button below and link it back to: When you have the button on your site email with the subject line "website contest". Include your name, URL where you have placed the button, The title of your site and your email address. DO NOT email me before you place the button on your site. I will check and make sure it's there before I add your link to the list.

Please save the button to your own computer and upload it to your own diretcory. Do not link to it driectly.

How the Contest Works

The contest will work similar to a top 100 list. People that visit your page can click on button to vote. Voting will be with a poll. This poll only allows one vote per computer per day. At the end of each month, the page with the most votes will recieve an award and a banner link at the top of the contest page for one month. You will not have to reenter your page every month, if you do not email me and ask me to remove it, I will assume you want to stay on the list. I will check the pages periodically to make sure the button is there. If it isn't, I will remove your link from the list. Links will be placed on the list in the order of entry.

Who may enter

The contest is for any pet page. Pets pages of any kind are welcome.

Who may not enter

NO animal abuse of ANY kind. No pornography, no hate material, etc. NO PUPPY MILLS!

Website contest

Sample Award for the Website contest

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Second Dog Contest

Cat Contest