All graphics on our Halloween pages were made by my Meowmy, please do not take them.
Instead, please check out the links below to help you make your own.
Meowmy use some PSP tuts to help her.
The buildings were made by following some ofRonni's tuts. Madelynne and Max's lamb costumes were also made by following one of her tuts. Please visit her page and check out the great lessons she has written
The spooky tree in the Haunted house scene was made by following a tutorial by Monica Please visit her page for some really great lessons too.
The lamp post in the sidewalk scene was made by following a Tutorial by ChooChoo Visit her page for some fun tutorials.
Meowmy made my costume in PSP 7 using the new sinedots II filter.
Booger I asked Booger to trick or treat wif me this year because he has the same catitude I do. I am in luff! Visit Booger's page, and while you are there visit the main page and vote fur his furmily fur the Oscat. Booger's costume was made by Meowmy in PSP7.
Pandora Pandora is Lestat's wink, Meowmy made her costume in PSP7.
Rufus was Tasha's Date, meowmy also made their costumes in psp7. She also used Sinedots II and Blade pro for Tasha's costume.
Max and Sam were Madelynne and Cleo's dates. Meowmy made Madelynne and Max's costumes using one of Ronni's tutorials. Meowmy made Cleo and Sam's costumes in PSP7.
Thank mew to all the Meowmies fur letting their kids trick or treat wif us!
Check out the graphics programs here:
Paint shop pro
Blade Pro
Eye Candy
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